Start a Rewarding Career today & Enroll in our Certified Doula Training Australia Wide.

We are pleased to announce that enrollments are now open for our professional Doula Training workshops all around Australia!

A career as a professional birthing and post natal  support Doula is a very special journey  that allows you to participate in sacred experiences that are treasured by our birthing and post natal client families.  It is best described as a highly rewarding career with incredible experiences and special memories.

We provide certified Doula Training program and on completion you will also be invited to join the extended White Owl Birthing Doula network to gain client referral opportunities.

Doula Training Network & Support

Our students are provided with excellent support to get their career moving and will also benefit from our experienced Doula who can provide guidance and on-going support.  Our Structured Doula Training program is designed to set a new Australian industry standard for the Doula Profession.

White Owl Birthing offers the highest professional certification and the best value for your investment.  In addition to gaining prominent Doula certification, you also receive:

  • Free Doula Profile on our Optimized Website
  • Access to our National Doula Referral Agency
  • On-going Support and professional development advice
  • Access to Wholesale Natural Products to enhance your Doula Service
  • Unlimited access to our network of Birthing Professionals

The White Owl Birthing International Doula Training Program

Our course consists of an an intensive program that has been structured on international research and evidence to deliver the industries highest doula training.


Doula Course Options:

Birth Doula Training – This type of Doula specializes in providing emotional support, encouragement and wisdom throughout labor and birth.

Post Natal Doula Training– This area of specialization focuses on providing support to women and families through the transformation that a new baby brings to a family.

Our doula training experts will teach the doulas role in providing emotional and physical comfort measures for the birthing family. Our experienced trainers will share their extensive knowledge and experience in the continuum of pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum. Participants will learn in a variety of ways including practical hands-on techniques for support.

The White Owl Birthing Doula Training is second to none and will ensure you are appropriately prepared to function as a highly sought after Professional Birthing Support Doula. Our Doula Training Program Can Take Your Birthing and Post Natal Support Career to New Heights! Join an exciting and highly rewarding Industry with the Best Credentials Available Australia Wide!


Top 10 Reasons Why to Join White Owl – the professionals choice

  1. doula trainingBirthing Directory listing in Doula, Midwifery, Counselling, Baby Massage   Free listing on our site add your technical details
  2. All doula’s who have booked  Doula training with White Owl Birthing will receive a free premium doula listing valued at $200
  3. Offering professional confidential Doula supervision services for Doulas across Australia by our highly qualified counsellors over the phone, in person in there region, or on Skype face to face. Our counsellors are passionate about birth and motherhood in general  and so they can understand your difficulties and help you reflect on your professional doula issues with clarity.  It is helpful when you experience
    • loss of a baby at birth
    • a traumatic birth that you attended
    • difficulties within the birthing process that were challenging to you
    • This is very beneficial for all those in a caring profession and especially in birth .  It helps when you have a trained counselling professional with supervision qualification and  experience to guide you in a therapeutic way that enhances your doula practices without breaking client confidentiality when you need to debrief about a situation.   Debriefing process can reduce emotional and compassionate fatigue burnout and also reduce your stress so you are more available to positively support your clients at the time of birth and post natal services.
  4. Ongoing education seminars for doulas from experts in the field of birth and doula training through our email newsletters and e blasts on great deals in 2012.
  5. Join our live doula Skype support forum sessions to network and discuss everything birth as part of the White Owl Team of doula support.
  6. Join our doula agency to receive doula referrals in your area and be entitled to use our White Owl brand and professional networks. This will gain you valuable expert marketing without the effort and hassle of finding the printer, the graphic designer the copy editor and the time to do this and the networks within health.
  7. You can use our doula brochure templates for your business when you become a White owl Birth doula for:
    • Birth Doula
    • Post Natal Doula
    • Business cards and much more we can organise the lot for you for a small fee just send your contact  details
    • Offer you tips on getting your doula work off the ground in your community.
  8. Options to purchase our White Owl doula kits , birthing balls, mats, birthing pools, books and doula equipment at less than retail prices.
  9. Support whilst you do your certification process to becoming a registered doula.
  10. Expert mentorship from our highly reputable Birth and Post Natal Trainers.

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